About AiryExpo


www.airyexpo.com is operated by Sunlight(UK) Trading Limited and its location is 32 BRIGHTON ROAD INVCC CENTRE REDHILL SURREY RH1 5BX, registration number:8512253.

AiryExpo was founded to support high quality and affordable artwork, such as manuscripts, as well as Chinese culture, which is as a valuable asset to the Western world. Since culture is worth so much more than money; our manuscripts are never created for the sole purpose of profit.

As a result, our customers have an opportunity to choose from many of different and affordable calligraphy works that are perfect for home or office d├ęcor.

Every single one of our prints is carefully checked and inspected before the shipment, ensuring high quality standards and buyer satisfaction.

At the end, we thank you for your visit and you interested in the Chinese culture.